A Place of Shelter...

"Why have you named him Lee!" came the statement from the nurses stern opinion. "Look at him! He's loud and strong. He needs a manly name!"

Too tired to contradict her, I turned away and rested after giving birth to our second son.

Fast forward forty six years and our son's name fits him perfectly. 'Lee' means 'from a sheltered place'. With parts of his brain never forming in the first place, our son is daily living his life out from a place of shelter.


from storms

life has value...

Mish at dverse poets has prompted us to write a haibun to include the word 'shelter'.

'A haibun is made up of no more than three tight paragraphs that are non-fiction/autobiographical and usually written in present tense. The prose is followed by a haiku that makes reference to a season with an image of nature. Often the haiku adds another depth or layer to the prose.'

Here is the link: Shelter

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