A Long Time Ago.....

Funny how some memories are easy to recall, even today. My first six years of schooling were at a little country school with a total of 29 pupils, from all ages and stages. Receiving the 'strap' was frequent, as was soaping one's mouth out if caught swearing. If some poor child vomited, then a chalk box containing sawdust was thrown on the stomach's offering that graced the floorboards.

We never would call our teachers by their first names either! It was either Sir, Miss or Mrs. as teachers were always held in high esteem within the little community.

Hot cocoa in winter and sour bottled milk in the heat of summer, ink wells to be filled and friendships formed.

After holidays it wasn't grievous to go back to school and to pick up where we had left off. Things didn't change that much so there was a steadiness of learning from term to term. Yes, [mostly] happy memories.....

Time for a story;

who is on cocoa duty?

Try not to burn it!

A dverse poets prompt to pen a haibun about school days/back to school etc.

Here is the Link: School Days

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