A Gentleman.....

A gentleman doffed his hat

when passing someone in the street;

inferring a respectful greeting

to all whom he chanced to meet.

A gentleman walked by the curb

when escorting his wife or mother;

placing a wall of protection

should they be hit by a car or another.

A gentleman offered his arm

to a woman when crossing the road;

incase she may fall or stumble,

an unspoken gentleman's code.

A gentleman wore his felt hat

for without it he didn't feel dressed;

but inside he would take it right off

when in church to be thoroughly blessed.....

A dVerse poets prompt to write a poem that has a connection to 'hats'.

I remember my father having the standards I've described in my poem. This was in the 1950's and 1960's. Today my husband still walks on the outside of a path which is closest to the road and takes my hand to cross if the traffic is busy. Some today would say that is sexist but I think it is lovely!

Here is the link: Hats Off to You!

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